At Rooted Scales we believe in offering organic, high-potency, all natural CBD/hemp products at financially accessible prices. We do this by offering discount programs.

Military, Police & Fire Discounts

Honoring the service men and women of this country is important to us. Studies show that CBD oil can assist people suffering from chronic and acute physical and emotional pain. We offer our products to military, police, and fire service members and their immediate family at discounted prices 45% off.
Our products have been shown to relieve the symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, depression, pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, seizures, nerve disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, ADHD, ADD and much more. To participate, please contact us at and request your Military Discount code.

Healthcare Practitioner Referral

We want to partner with healthcare practitioners who understand and believe in the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids. Studies have shown that CBD-Hemp products can greatly relieve pain, discomfort, and illness when used as part of a wellness plan.
We offer our products at greatly reduced prices to patients referred by a health practitioner to promote the accessibility and affordability of this natural medicine. Please complete this form to sign up for this program and to be emailed your personalized discount code. Click HERE to be directed to the form.

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