Where to Buy CBD Products in Indianapolis

Searching for high quality CBD oil in Indianapolis can be overwhelming. With so many brands and varying reviews, how do you choose?  There is just a handful of local companies based in the Midwest that cultivate, produce, and sells its own hemp products—that is what sets Rooted Scales apart. While we do not have a storefront of our own yet, you can still find our all-natural hemp products throughout the city and in our online shop. We offer fast, hassle-free shipping of our entire inventory to customers in Indianapolis and throughout the USA. No matter where you are or what kind of CBD product you are looking for, you can get it delivered quickly without ever having to leave home. But, if you are a hands-on shopper, you can also find Rooted Scales CBD oil at some brick-and-mortar shops in and around Indianapolis.

What is CBD and How Does CBD Work?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in hemp plants. Clinical research has shown that CBD can help with cognitive function, anxiety problems, movement disorders, and pain symptoms. Rooted Scales extracts CBD from the Victoria strain of hemp, which is as close to pure CBD as a cannabis flower can get. It has high CBD content with no psychoactive side effect.

You can use either CBD Isolate products, which are completely free of THC, or Full Spectrum CBD, which contains only trace amounts of THC (at a legal level) but also includes a number of other beneficial plant extracts like chlorophyll that boost the effect of the CBD.

To put it simply, you have a dedicated system in your body to absorb and process cannabinoids found in hemp. Acting closely with your central nervous system, the endocannabinoid system has cannabinoid receptors found in your brain and spine, nervous system, peripheral organs and tissues. Research shows this system may help with physiological and cognitive processes including mood, memory, tissue repair, and pain management. People use CBD products to help relax the mind and body without the feeling of being “high.”

Why Should I Use Rooted Scales CBD Products?

Many of the CBD products you will find in Indianapolis come from the big hemp corporations with less than favorable product reviews. Some help a little, some don’t help at all, and the flooded market has frustrated consumers across the country. Many companies claim to be the best or most innovative when they actually sell diluted CBD on a massive scale.

We have made it mission to educate consumers and connect them with premium hemp and CBD products at a fair price. Rooted Scales stands alone as a locally owned and independently operated lifestyle and wellness company dedicated to empowering people. We use all natural ingredients and eco-friendly extraction techniques to deliver a powerful product that will actually help consumers. Want to know more? Find out why Rooted Scales products are unsurpassed in price, quality, and results.

  1. Independently Tested and Approved

All of our products are lab tested for content, quality, and purity. It is our goal to be one of the best hemp brands on the market, and we get there by having the best possible products. No matter what company you choose, always make sure they provide quality tests for their product from a reputable laboratory.

  1. All-Natural Ingredients and Extraction Methods

We hand selected everything that goes into our products—from the strain of hemp to farming practices and ingredient mixtures. By using all natural ingredients and edible essential oil flavors, our products are guaranteed to be gentle to your body whether ingested or applied topically. You will never find pesticides, fillers, or chemicals in our products, which are also certified vegan and gluten free.

  1. Dedication to Our Customers

As a lifestyle and wellness company, we make it a priority to inform the public about the benefits of CBD as a natural healer without blowing its uses out of proportion. We believe in our products, and we believe in the practical uses of CBD to help balance the body and mind.

  1. Locally Owned and Independently Operated

This is not just another run-of-the-mill chain company pushing some fad. Here at Rooted Scales, we take our work seriously because we are in this business to help the people in our communities. We do not have shareholders to answer to so we focus on the quality of our products and the feedback from our customers.

  1. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

We have a loyal customer base and have consistently high reviews from anyone who has sampled or used our products. People who have never gotten relief from CBD have found that they respond well to our products. If you have any symptoms that you think CBD can help alleviate, Rooted Scales should be your first choice. Even if you have tried other brands in the past, put our products to the test and compare your experience. We guarantee you will fall in love with our products.

Where to Purchase CBD Oil in Indianapolis

Not interested in shopping for hemp products online? You can find our products in multiple locations with knowledgeable staff to answer your questions in person.

  • Good Earth
Address: 6350 Guilford Ave #1700, Indianapolis, IN 46220

Phone: (317) 253-3709

  • Georgetown Market

Address: 4375 Georgetown Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46254

Phone: (317) 293-9525

  • Sacred Spines Chiropractic

Address: 6620 Parkdale Pl. Suite J, Indianapolis, IN 46254

Phone:(317) 991-5505

  • Essential Wellbeings

Address: 7313 Oaklandon Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46236

Phone: (317) 413-0766

  • Vitalize Physical Therapy

Address: 109 N Union St. Westfield, IN 46074

Phone: (317) 983-2321

  • Yin Root

Address: 444 Lafayette Rd. Noblesville, IN 46060

Phone: (317) 379-9529

Can’t find what you’re looking for in-store? Visit our online store and check out all your options. We offer hassle-free shipping anywhere in the US. If you have any questions, contact us today 

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