Indiana's Own CBD Oil Company

Rooted Scales is based in Indianapolis, IN in the heart of the Midwest.  Our mission is to provide high potency, superior quality, organic CBD/hemp products that assist our customers achieve wellness.  Our organic, CBD quality hemp is grown and processed in Winchester, Kentucky by a small group farmers who have 50 years of experience in seed development.  Our Seed to Oil approach enables us to ensure the quality and purity of our products.  We are passionate about educating our community about the many benefits of organic CBD oil.  This naturally occurring compound (and others like it in the hemp plant) can improve the lives of those suffering from debilitating physical and mental ailments as well as acute symptoms.  Cannabis and CBD have an ancient history with medicinal purposes recorded as far back as 2727 BC.  Thanks to advances in science, we have a thorough understanding of how hemp can heal and maintain the body and mind of humans and animals.

As a CBD/hemp-focused lifestyle and wellness company, Rooted Scales is dedicate to the health and wellbeing of our customers.  Our products are free of additives and preservatives and are 100% organic.  We rigorously test our offerings at renowned 3rd party laboratory ProVerde to verify quality, potency, and purity.  The hemp used in Rooted Scales products are grown using sustainable and organic farming practices.

Why Use CBD?

Physical Benefits

CBD has been found to greatly reduce pain and inflammation; other physical benefits include lowering of blood pressure and alleviating acne.

Mental Health

Anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders are just a few of the dysfunctions medical hemp extract will help reduce or eliminate.

Neurological Support

Classified as a neruoprotectant, CBD has qualities that may help with symptoms from neurological diseases like epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.


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